Student Leader Profile – Marie Digna

MarieEvery couple of weeks, we invite one of FedUni’s amazing student leaders to tell us about themselves and their Leadership experiences and plans. Today’s victim is Marie Digna, who will be leading a group of students to Nepal in November for trekking and volunteering!

What and where are you studying?

Bachelor of Education (p-10) Mt Helen Campus

Where are you from originally?

Manistee, Michigan, USA

‘Tweet’ us a description of Leadership in 140 Characters or less: 

Leadership is about giving people one voice. Leaders aren’t always in the spotlight. The best leaders let their followers shine brightest.

What impact have you made on others through Leadership/Volunteering? 

I like to think that my story into leadership and volunteering inspires people to keep going. I’ve also seen the effect giving something small can have on someone at their low point. Even just a smile or “good morning” can flip someone’s perspective of the day right around.

Why do you do it?

I do it because it makes me happy to help others and because watching someone grow while under your leadership or mentorship is just the coolest thing.

What was the most significant/interesting thing you learnt in 2013?

We all interpret interactions differently. Sometimes it’s best to just clarify what someone intended before you jump to conclusions.

How do you want to develop as a Leader over the next year?

This year I hope to learn how to balance when to lead and when to delegate responsibility to others, which is a crucial talent in being a good leader.

Tell us something truly fascinating about yourself:

Something I think is really cool and amazing about me is that I’m quite nomadic of nature. I never stay in one place long. I’m constantly on the move and doing something. For example, my dad has actually compared me to Forrest Gump because I met Premier Denis Napthine and talked with him about my tattoo and I was at President Barrack Obama’s first Inauguration.

Why would you recommend Leadership/Volunteering activities to other students?

I recommend leadership and volunteering to anyone at least once in your life because you will grow in a way that nothing else can make you grow. You will learn so much about the kind of person you once were, are now, and want to become. It’s amazing. Do it.

Anything else you want to say? (Any topic, keep it PG-rated…)

This year I’m a part of the Residential Support Team, School of Education and Arts Mentors, and I’m taking a group of FedUni students and staff from all campuses to Nepal for three weeks. I highly recommend it! If you’re interested, you can find us at or you can email me at