What’s your passion? Take The Pledge…

…How can you make change with that?

Everyone has something they’re passionate about – music, sport, social justice, reading, socialising etc. So what if you could use your passions to make someone else’s life better?

You can.

Volunteering is worth more annually to the Australian economy than the entire mining industry (Over $200bn), but the word can often conjure up images that really don’t appeal to everyone. Picking up litter and serving tea to the elderly are incredibly important contributions to society, but there is a lot more to volunteering and community impact than that.

What about:

  • organising (or performing at) a charity music festival?
  • joining (or starting) a march or protest about something you feel is unfair?
  • designing a website for a local Not-For-Profit organisation?


  • teaching a friend to cook or change a tyre?
  • Sharing a community campaign through social media?
  • Writing to say thank you to someone who has inspired you?

All these things make the world a better place and we want you to think about the ways in which you can have an impact on society during 2015. We’re asking all FedUni students and staff to pledge to do something new this year – to take action (big or small) that benefits others. If there is something you think needs to change, be the one to change it. If you care about something, use your passion to change the world because if we all expect someone else to do it, no-one will!

Want to Take The Pledge? Head to http://bit.ly/FedTakeThePledge.

If you’d like to find out more about how the Leadership program can help you to follow your passions, check out our webpage: www.federation.edu.au/student-senate or contact Luke: L.icely@federation.edu.au or visit http://bit.ly/FedTakeThePledge

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