Where’s your charger? Personality styles and social energy

Our first post for a while, this is a guest blog from the wonderful Liana Skewes, who combines studying for a Diploma of Professional Writing and Editing, with working as the co-ordinator for Student Futures Online at FedUni AND being a fantastic fashion blogger! Liana has kindly allowed us to repost the following from her blog, which you can find here: http://findingfemme.blogspot.com.au

One of the most common misconceptions people have about me is that I’m an extrovert. This probably stems from the notion that extroversion involves being outgoing and introversion refers to reclusive behaviour. In fact, introversion and extroversion are about social energy, specifically where the energy from social activity comes from. Its no wonder when I’m confident, or energetic, or willing to have a go that people think I’m outgoing. Especially when I am often in positions of visibility, such as performing. Continue reading


National Student Leadership Forum – Reflections of a Student Leader

“Leadership is the legitimate use of power to achieve outcomes on behalf of a group of people”

The National Student Leadership Forum on Faith and Values, held in Canberra over 4 days in September, was a melting pot of leadership styles, personalities, experiences and beliefs as young leaders from across Australia and around the world were encouraged to look beyond the label of ‘leader’, to what drives each of us to do what we do, to consider what it is to harness your faith and values into true servant leadership. Continue reading

The Student Leadership Conference, from a student’s perspective…

The One Small Thing conference is coming up on the 17th + 18th September – if you’re involved in the program, there’s really no excuse for not knowing that… 🙂 – and one of last year’s delegates, Bella, very kindly sent us her thoughts on her experiences last year.

FedUni Student Leadership Conference 2015 globe logoIn 2014, I began my interest in the Leadership and Volunteering Program and being a part of the wider university community. Best decision so far! It’s a wonderful opportunity to meet new people, undertake professional and personal development and have fun. I truly recommend having a look to anyone with an inkling of curiosity or enthusiasm for leadership, volunteering, socialising and learning. Continue reading

FedUni ENACTUS vs Australia…

FedUni ENACTUS selfie - From left: Lee, Deb, Dylan, Jess, Jane, Ben.
FedUni ENACTUS selfie – From left: Lee, Deb, Dylan, Jess, Jane, Ben.

To enable progress and inspire action! The ideals of Enactus were on full display as university teams from across Australia came together at the Grand Hyatt, in Melbourne, to showcase their entrepreneurial initiatives in place to improve the lives of people in need. The Fed Uni Enactus team, consisting of 5 active students along with our Faculty Advisor Deb, prepared our presentation for delivery to judges from major corporate sponsors, such as KPMG & Woolworths, as well as representatives from over 20 universities active in Enactus Australia.


After working hard to overcome a tumultuous previous 12 months, the FedUni team were in acompetition with  5 other universities, including UoQ & Latrobe, in a special ‘New Teams’ competition.  After a full day of competition, the FedUni Team were excited to be declared the winners of the Best New Team prize in recognition of our work on projects Adesua and FedUni Succeed, against a strong representation from all Unis involved.

The national competition winners heading to the World Cup in South Africa were the University of New England with the runners up being Edith Cowan University.  We’re excited to head back to nationals again next year in the main competition leagues and compete for our chance for a position in finals!

If you’re interested in the chance to develop your professional skills, help those less fortunate, travel or network with some of the highest executives of Australian business contact us via Facebook or fedunienactus@gmail.com for more info on joining our winning team! No matter your course, skill set, availability or interests we can help you achieve your personal goals and create positive change in people’s lives!

FedUni ENACTUS will also be running a workshop at The One Small Thing Conference at Mt Helen on 18th September, so you can find out exactly what they do and how you can get involved there: http://bit.ly/OneSmallThing15

  • Jess Kelly

Why Every Day Should Be Pay It Forward Day

To “pay it forward” is to respond to someone’s kindness by then being kind to someone else. Ultimately the idea of this is to create a wave of kindness amongst humanity.  Imagine a tsunami, but instead of water and destruction there is kindness and happiness. That’s pretty cool.

PayIt ForwardYesterday in Australia it was Pay It Forward Day, where you are encouraged to act with generosity towards others and set off the kindness motion. It is a day dedicated to doing something without expecting anything in return, which is awesome. But why are we only expected to notably act with such kindness on one day of the year? Why not pay it forward on 365 days of the year? Yes, it is important to actively recognise a powerful phenomenon such as this, but if we all practiced it as part of our everyday lives would it really be necessary to dedicate a single day to it?

Is it just an excuse for your kindness to be noticed?

4907_lollipopThere’s no extrinsic reward for paying it forward, you don’t get a lollipop or trophy for being kind, which is possibly why there is not a lot of kindness in the world. People are motivated by materials and receiving, they won’t pay it forward because there is nothing in it for them. Don’t feel bad, we all do it, it’s the truth of today. But don’t be fooled, there is something in it for you. It’s that wonderful feeling of internally knowing that you did something great and made a permanently positive impact on someone’s life. That’s the power you have as a human, you can change people’s lives. And you can do this by simply being kind, acting with generosity, being considerate, seeing a need and acting on it.

When you reflect later on in life, imagine the feeling of knowing that you contributed some goodness to this world, that you made someone’s life that bit better.

That feeling should be enough to not only pay it forward today, but every day. You should never underestimate the magnitude of your actions, so why fit all of your kindness into one day? And sometimes, kindness is kind to you. You might choose to help someone carry their groceries, and one day, someone might just help you. It’s like a kindness boomerang.

So I hope you did something nice for someone yesterday, that you received a kindness too and that you pay it forward today, not because that’s what were told to do, but because you are human and you can.

And then do it again tomorrow, then the next day, then the next and so on. Make ordinary lives extraordinary.

I challenge you. Please accept.

– Annika Miesen, FedUni Student

When FedUni Students went to the Mining Games…

Sarah Hibberd is the Chapter President of the FedUni Ballarat Student Chapter of The Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (AUSIMM). The Student Leadership Program helped fund her team’s travel, accommodation and registration for the International Mining Games in Kalgoorlie.

The 37th Safescope International Intercollegiate Mining Games were held in Kalgoorlie W.A this year and were hosted by the WASM Wombats from the Western Australian School of Mines. The competition started in 1978 in honour of the 91 miners that died in the Sunshine Mine disaster, USA in 1972. The Primary aim of the competition is to keep the traditional mining techniques alive as well as enhancing the comradeship of mining students over national and international borders.

The team from left to right; Phoebe Chamberlain, Mert Mencek, Pat Bouwmeester, Jimmy Tarbolton, Jonathan Tidboald, Ghulam Mirzae and Sarah Hibberd.
The team from left to right; Phoebe Chamberlain, Mert Mencek, Pat Bouwmeester, Jimmy Tarbolton, Jonathan Tidboald, Ghulam Mirzae and Sarah Hibberd.

The games commenced Wednesday 25th of March through to Sunday 29th of March. 52 teams attended the International Games from 5 different countries. The events were split into co-ed, men’s, women’s, alumni and individuals.

Partly funded through a grant from the Student Leadership Program, the FedUni Ballarat AusIMM Student Chapter took a team of 7 students to compete in the co-ed competitions against 29 other teams.

The trackset event with the team in various roles.
The trackset event with the team in various roles.

The events this year included:

  • Sawing through a 1500mm x 1500mm piece of pine as fast and as straight as possible with a bow saw
  • Gold panning for 5 small pieces of flattened lead shot
  • Airleg drilling as deep as possible into a slab of concrete in 3 minutes
  • Setting up and dismantling a track as fast and as safe as possible
  • Hand steel – 5 team members drill into a block of concrete with a chisel and hammer.

    The airleg drilling event. Jonathan Tidboald drilling into the concrete block and Sarah Hibberd in safety role.
    The airleg drilling event. Jonathan Tidboald drilling into the concrete block and Sarah Hibberd in safety role.

Overall the FedUni team did brilliantly, coming 13th against some very impressive international competition. Next year the national games are to be held in Brisbane where the team will be represented once again!

If you discover a Leadership opportunity you’d like to attend, the Leadership Program has grants available to support you with travel, accommodation and registration, so get in touch with them!

– Sarah Hibberd, FedUni Ballarat Chapter President, AUSIMM

Not easy as ABC – reporting on the Model UN

This is our first guest post of 2015 – IT student Sammy Desai talks about his experiences participating in the Model UN at Monash University.

VICMUNI was lucky enough to attend the Model United Nations conference on 11th February 2015 at Monash University Clayton campus. I was the first FedUni student ever to attend this event. The conference went for 3 days with the various activities such as Networking sessions, club night, speeches from politicians, finale ball and even a closing ceremony hosted in the Victorian State parliament.

ParliamentThe conference was essentially a simulation of the United Nations. At VicMUN, delegates gained insight into the workings of the UN by recreating (in theory) the spirit of diplomacy that originally defined the United Nations. The participants debated and tackled various global issues from the perspective of a delegate representing a member nation of the UN.

There were many different committees in VicMUN such as human rights council, security council, first general assembly, press corps and each committee dealt with a specific set of issues. The committee’s ultimate aim was to pass a resolution, which helped address the issues that were discussed. Some committees were more successful than others in this, as in real life!

Participation in VicMUN was rigorous, but rewarding. All the delegates were confronted with the need to set aside their personal opinion and take up the official policy of the country they had chosen to represent. It was difficult especially when the topics being discussed were controversial such as: Addressing the Human Rights of LGBTI Individuals, The Question of Continued Israeli Settlements in Palestinian Territories etc.

Sammy GroupI was in the Press corps representing ABC news. As a press delegate I was allowed to sit in each committee and got a chance to see all the goings-on in each committee. We also had a press conference where we asked questions to the delegates and tried to find out their country’s position on the particular issues. At the end of each session I wrote articles on the committee I was sitting, which can be accessed at https://vicmun2015.wordpress.com/  The press corps delegates were also responsible for updating the VicMUN Twitter feed with the breaking news from each committee. In my opinion the press corps is the best way to get the idea of how Model UN works.

I think VicMUN allows the next generation of leaders to understand about the workings of the UN. It also promotes students’ interest in politics, law or international relations, increases the capacity for students to engage in problem solving, conflict resolution, research skills, and communication skills, and creates the platform to meet new people and make new friends.

To participate in the next year’s conference or for more information please log on to http://vicmun.net/2016

We’re always looking for great stories of people’s Leadership experiences, so if you have a story to share (whether you are anything to do with FedUni or not), please contact us: L.icely@federation.edu.au.