Look Local: Volunteering actually is all around

A couple of days ago, we wrote a blog post about voluntinder proposing the development of an app to find volunteering opportunities in your local community.

Sadly, we haven’t yet found someone to make the app happen for us (though Claire’s app developer cousin jokingly said he’d make one, and we’re seriously considering making him follow through). Getting a whole app finished in less than two days may have been a bit optimistic so we’ve been thinking about how to spread the word on local volunteering opportunities in other ways.

The FedUni student leadership website already has a fairly impressive list of volunteer opportunities around the Ballarat area and will soon have a similar list for Gippsland (it’s being put together as we speak), but we know that a lot of students travel long distances to campus so these may not be useful for everybody. For that reason we’ve started to put together a Pinterest account with links to opportunities all around the state and even internationally.

Apart from our resources, here are some other places that you can find volunteering opportunities in your local area:

It’s worth remembering that volunteering is certainly not limited to delivering meals on wheels or helping out at the local scout group (though if you’re interested in doing either of those things that’s fantastic!). Why not help out with a local sports group or use your crafty skills to make quilts or knit trauma teddies for kids in foster care? The possibilities are (almost) endless!

So happy volunteering, and good luck with finding that perfect opportunity!


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